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Welcome to my site! Unfortunately I haven’t had time to make many changes on it since I put up over a year ago. My life has been going though the usual number of twists and turns some of which have led me up to writing a book about my life and diabetes.

The book is going well considering that I’ve always thought of myself as an artist and illustrator, and the text on this site was added in only as a kind of glue to hold all of the artwork I had created, together. Since site has been up I’ve received a number of e-mails commenting on how they liked my style of writing, so this got me thinking about turning this web project into a book.

One problem with the Internet is that it is inundated with sites about diabetes. Unfortunately many of these web pages are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and set up to sell their products.

Usually they don't reflect the true nature of this condition, and since there are so many of these types of sites, it’s unlikely you will find any alternate point of view. In fact it is remarkable that you have stumbled on this very web page at all.
Anyone who has dealt with this type of diabetes knows, there is a lot more to this condition than the methods of treatment our medical system subscribes to, and what’s worse, a great deal of misinformation in the media about diabetes in general.

None of this bothers me more that when I hear of some "expert" who claims that their new diet can "get diabetics off insulin" or that our condition is due to eating too much junk food, or from being couch potatoes, or because we are too lazy to follow our doctor's orders.

Many of these "experts" are in the media spotlight solely because they have a book to promote, so I've decided to inform people about the true nature of this condition as I have throughout this site, relating life with diabetes in dynamic, creative, and passionate terms.

After the 9/11 tragedy, and my work in a summer camp for Diabetics (check out my web site for the camp at http://www.dyf.org/ ), I wanted to work with helping people, rather than spending my days in front of a computer monitor.

I liked working at the camp that summer, and I would suggest to anyone who has overwhelming “issues” regarding their diabetes to try this kind of occupation.

My life has, for at least the moment, become the most stable it's been since 9/11. When I look back at my site today I see a lot of the despairand anger I felt at the time do to dealing with the tragedy of that day.

Happily I'm in a more positive state of mind, which is reflected in the work that I am doing for my book, and at my regular job.

Anyway that’s it for me, for now, thanks for your kind e-mails, and please stay tuned to this site during the next few months for further news.

‘Till we meet again, happy trails.