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The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

Largest foundation for funding for research toward finding a cure.

Diabetes Research Institute

Research foundation that oversees scientific projects.

The American Diabetes Association

Fundraising organization that publishes pamphlets and cookbooks for type I &II Diabetics

Rick Mendosa Diabetes Links

Resource for hundreds of links to type I & II Diabetic sites.

Diabetes Mine

Featuring The latest news, advice, and highlights from around the web.

Archives may be found at:*/


Informative site, featuring news, resources, and dission forums.

Diabetes Hands

An information packed site with news features, resources, and dission forums.

Reality Check

Creative site for young Australian's with Diabetes.

Diabetes Camping Association

An ambitious, informative, webzine by a high school student with Juvenile Diabetes.

Children With Diabetes

Resource for parents who have children with Diabetes.

Voice of the Diabetic

E-publication with information directed to visually impaired Diabetics.

Diabetes Monitor

Provides a large directory of where to get information on all aspects of Diabetes.

International Diabetes Foundation

International organization for Diabetes.

The Islet Foundation Public Message Forum

Discussion and messages of news and information on Type I Diabetes.

If your ISP does not provide access to newsgroups you can access messages from these groups @ -then do a search for "diabetes"

(image) Kid surrounded by monsters. Caption:The sugar monsters like to tempt kids!
An unpublished illustration for a children's book on Diabetes,
and the value of a good diet.