4 Types of Bookcase With Storage

4 Types of Bookcase With Storage

A bookcase with storage allows you to move the shelves and adjust the height. It’s useful for an office setting, as you may need to store items other than books. These types of bookcases are often made to re-shelf frequently, which can make them flexible in their use. However, there are some key things to consider before you buy a storage bookcase.

Mobile aisle shelving

Mobile aisle shelving for bookcases with storage is a convenient and versatile option for a variety of applications. Compared to static shelves, mobile shelving allows more flexibility and allows you to maximize the amount of space available. These systems also allow you to create custom designs for your storage space.

Mobile aisle shelving can be mounted on existing cabinets and shelving to give you a unique look that fits your existing design. This solution can reduce floor space by half and double the storage capacity. It is perfect for businesses that store inventory frequently. It can also be used in museums and athletic departments.

Barrister bookcase

Barrister bookcases are an excellent choice if you are looking to add extra storage space to your room. They are available in many different styles and colors. Choosing the right one depends on your tastes, interior design, and space limitations. This classic style provides elegance and protection for your books. There are four main types of barrister bookcases available.

A barrister bookcase is designed to keep books safe from dust and light damage, as well as make them easy to move. During the pre-printing press era, books were precious and expensive, and therefore their owners kept them in chests that were made to be portable. However, many of the first large collections began housing their holdings on open shelves. The Bodleian Library in Oxford, England was one of the first institutions to place their books in this way. Some of these early treasures still retain their binding chains.

Oxford bookcase

This sturdy, industrial-inspired Oxford bookcase has plenty of storage and an exceptional finish. This unit is made from the finest Appalachian hardwoods. It is also easily assembled. Its height between shelves is around 31 cm. You can customize its finish to match your existing furniture. Whether you want to store books or a collection of artwork, this unit will make the perfect addition to your home.

Oxford Bookcases have unlimited storage capacity. The top part of the storage unit has four framed glass doors, while the bottom half of the cabinet is supported by an open bracket base. It has adjustable shelves inside each half.

Oxford bookcase with storage cabinet

The Oxford bookcase with storage cabinet from Convenience Concepts is a stylish transitional choice that features several shelves and a spacious cabinet. Featuring concealed shelving, this bookcase features a sturdy hollow core construction. Available in three color finishes, this piece is available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Lois bookcase

The Lois Bookcase with Storage by Joybird features a woven cane panel accent and natural oak body. This bookcase is the perfect combination of storage and sunshine, with a modern form and a vintage flair. Its dimensions are 71″ high (180.3 cm) x 55″ wide x 16″ deep.