fruit juice and candy

Low blood sugars or hypoglycemia must be treated immediately by some form of sugar, such as candy, non-diet soda or fruit juice (even unsweetened juice contains fructose -a form of sugar) If untreated, convulsions or unconsciousness called insulin shock will follow.


figure with brain hit by shock

Insulin shock is, essentially the brain shutting down, from a rapid loss of usable glucose or sugar for nourishment.

This is the great risk for Diabetics who take insulin injections, not to be confused with a drug overdose, insulin shock may be brought on by any number of factors that normal people take for granted, such as meal containing "too few" calories or not eating "on schedule".

A person with Diabetes at this point needs immediate medical attention.

The key to understanding Type 1 Diabetes is that taking a dose of insulin is not the same as taking a pill. People who take medications for a condition such as high blood pressure may take a one, or a number of pills each day, and if they don't work, a doctor can increase a patent's dosage.

Type 1 Diabetics do have a prescribed amount of insulin we take everyday. However even after following our dosage of insulin, diet and exercise. There any number of factors, many unavoidable, that make it difficult to keep blood sugars under the control needed to avoid blood sugar highs and lows.Blood sugars levels can be affected by: sleep or lack of, mediations, mood, humidity, exercise, fatigue, insulin, stress, caffine, sugar, anger, alcohol, hunger, illness, time of day, hypertension, blood sugar levels from  previous day or past few hours.

Many Type 1 diabetics carry the same antibodies that destroyed our islet cells, these attack the insulin we inject, only to release it hours later.

And then there are the seemingly random crashes and extreme highs that some times make lives so chaotic.

Because of this we can never completely lower our guard against the dangers our own bodies places us in. Some people might think that because of this people with Diabetes shouldn't be able to do anything, but for those of us who live with this condition, we understand that all it takes is planning, awareness, and the ability to "roll with the punches" in order to do everything anyone else can do.


Thankfully we can also at a moments notice, check our blood sugar levels, with testing strips and meters.