A blues singer. I got those high blood sugarblues by blind willie green.  I got those high blood sugar blues baby, I'm so high but I feel so low I'm so thirsty but I don't feel like mov'in I'm tired all over, and I feel so low, but I'm so mighty high I just want to cry. There's no telling the damage I'm mak'in to the blood vessels I'm break'in 'cause I got those high blood sugar blues.


The Symptoms:
Blood sugar highs
Odd or sweet breath
Frequent urination
Muscular aches

The Symptoms:
Blood sugar lows
Difficulty in thinking or concentrating
Obsessive behavior


I'm coming down and shaking all over by the crash. "I want to rock byt i'm going into shock! give me something sweet and I don't mean meat! i need sugary soda or juice or some candy to eat. I don't want to sound rash but I think that I'm going to crash! Can't you see I'm shak'en take some money and give me some sweet honey 'cause I'm going down, down, so low!