The Costs Section

Living with Juvenile Diabetes is unending battle between the immediate threat of sharp drops in blood sugar and the slow and silent pull of blood sugar highs that lead to complications.

I've always seen this as a dramatic struggle, much like waging war against both an ever-present and yet unseen enemy. The invisible nature of this condition hides the true dynamic forces that move and shapes my life. I don't understand why society has ignored the underlying heroic sense of mythos of this conflict in the same manner as it gives to sports or feats of athletic endurance. I suspect it's from a lack of comprehension from those who do not understand this condition and a lack of imagination by those define it in purely medical terms, rather than as a sensuous fight for freedom and survival.

I don't define Diabetes as a disability or even a disease.

It is my life, laughing at death.
It is death, laughing at my life.

It is my victory.
It is my defeat.

It is my resistance.
It is my failure to resist.

It is my teacher.
It is my ignorance.

It is my stubbornness.
It is my grace.

It is my Odyssey.
It is my Inferno.

It is my crucifixion.
It is my revelation.

It is my honesty.
It is my lie.

It is my Buddha.
It is my demon.

It is my inspiration.
It is my terror.

It is my battle of the bulge.
It is my charge of the light brigade.

It is my good versus evil.

It is my slavery.

It is my best.
It is my worst.

It serves me life.
It serves me death.

It is my illusion.
It is my reality.

It is the castle of thick and severe walls which protects and traps my existence.
Through whose narrow and shattered windows I view the normal world.
And someday I may not even be able to do that.