The Costs Section

In my worst moments of despair.I wonder if I willever experiencemy life, asanything other thanthat of a slave. (image) Angel withbroken wings.

It's easy to FEEL OVERWHELMED dealing with a vast amount of information sometimes used as a recipe for building the perfect Diabetic. There is just so much time, resources and effort a person can commit to a complex condition before the demands of an unrealistic lifestyle begins to take its toll leading to BURNOUT.

ISOLATION AND LACK OF SUPPORT I feel, is one of the most difficult obstacles that comes from struggling with a condition few understand especially when represented in the media by a few upbeat success stories. People need to be informed that this disease affects everyone in different ways. This can result in a LOSS OF SELF-ESTEEM from battling a condition that too many people take for granted, or misrepresented by easy treatments, lifestyle changes, fad diets, or quick cures.

One of the least understood aspects of Diabetes is DEPRESSION. It would seem obvious to assume that individuals with a chronic condition would not always have a fun time dealing with it. There is strong evidence however that there is, inherent with this disease, vastly increased instances of clinical depression. Perhaps this is a result of the powerful chemical imbalances individuals with constantly variable blood sugar levels or other unknown factors. Unfortunately one of the leading causes of death in Diabetics is suicide.

The Solution to these problems I feel, is to better educate the public so that they understand how difficult it is to manage this condition. I believe what is needed is more support for helping us balance the aspects of this disease that we can control, without the burden of insurance discrimination, lack of access to heath care services, the unaffordability of medications, and the support of research leading to a cure.

Fighting my artifical self.
"How does it feel to have a itch you can never scratch"? -from the film, Bladerunner

I Feel
the need to
to preserve MY IDENTITY against the ARTIFICIAL LIFE this condition IMPOSES on me.

For too many people life with Diabetes is all about taking shots and not being able to eat sweets.

To me Diabetes is living with:
Anger, fear, denial, injustice, loss of sight, uncertainty, loss of spontaneity , subjugation, discrimination, stupification, insensitivity, nerve damage, complications, loss of freedom, poverty, isolation, humiliation, exploitation, loneliness, hopelessness, misrepresentation, dehumanization, and slavery.